Once in a Generation: The Impacts of Macro Trends on Sub-Advisory

Feb 24th 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Even before 2020, a confluence of macro trends have been descending on sub-advisory community and the asset management space at large, and the events of the past year have only accelerate the impacts of these macro trends on the way managers invest and do business. Join the Sub-Advisory Institute’s webcast on February 24 to hear from peers on how they view the veracity of these trends’ impacts, and how they have been reacting and planning in anticipation. Discussion points include:

  • The climate crisis and the accompanying regulatory environment, and their impacts on the urgency and rise of ESG investing philosophies and strategies.
  • Demographic trends, from an aging population to millennials’ workforce participation, and their impacts on both investment themes and corporate cultures.
  • Technological advances in various fields, including communications, and how they have been impacting the way your organization and day-to-day business are run.

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2021 Advisory Board

Zoe Brunson, Senior Vice President - Investment Strategies, AssetMark, Inc.

Jasmine Yu, Head of Global Manager Research, BNY Mellon Asset Management

Jordan Wruble, Head of Manager Research, Brown Advisory

David Eisenberg, Managing Director - Pensions, Cambridge Associates

Andrew Corwin CFP, Director, Portfolio Construction and Research, Great-West Investments

Matthew Brenner, Managing Vice President, Investments, ICMA Retirement Corporation

York Lo, Head of Institutional and Product Development, John Hancock Investments

Harold Singleton, Head of Manager Selection, Lincoln Financial

Safia Mehta, Managing Director, Manager Analysis Services, LLC

Peter Di Teresa, Head of Manager Selection and Oversight, Morningstar

Christopher Vella, Chief Investment Officer, Multi-manager Solutions, Northern Trust Global Investments

Carleton Muench, Vice President, Investment Oversight, Pacific Life

Rick Babich, Head of Manager Research, PGIM

Stephen Beinhacker, Managing Director of Manager Research, SEI Investments

Jana Holt, Global Director, Sustainable Investing Solutions, SEI Investments

Gregory Trinks, Head of Manager Research, UBS Asset Management 

Gregory Maddox, Managing Director, Head of Global Manager Research, Wells Fargo Investment Institute

About The Sub-Advisory Institute

The Sub-Advisory Institute is a private membership organization for buyers of sub-advisory services and manager research, selection & oversight executives representing mutual fund companies, OCIOs, insurance firms, retirement platforms, and other asset managers which out-source. Through expert-led panel discussions, presentations, guest speakers and live market research, each of our two annual events will bring together leading participants in the sub-advisory landscape to assess how the investment objectives of institutions are changing and how firms that offer sub-advised strategies can respond to these needs.


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